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Is there something we can help you with? First, let's start with the most common possibilities.

"I'm a current subscriber and I'm having trouble setting up my free subscription."

We're sorry about the trouble! First things first, have you gone through the registration process? If so, you should be receiving a postcard in the mail. Has it been 3-5 business days? If it has and you still have not yet received your postcard,  call "Subscriber Services" at 812-482-2424 from 8-5 PM EST. They'll help you get it sorted out.

"I'm a new subscriber and I'm having trouble setting up my account."

The first thing you need to do is register a new account. Once that's completed, your subscription to the offline paper (if you chose it and its available in your area) will begin and you will have full online access. If you did not choose to receive the paper, you will have access to online content only. Did you finish the process and find that you're still having trouble? Give "Subscriber Services" a call at 812-482-2424 from 8-5 PM EST.

"I'm having trouble with the website!"

That is most likely the fault of the guys over at Sabramedia, our hard-working development partner. To help them get to the bottom of it, fill out this form and we'll pass it on. If you have trouble with the form itself, give us a call at 812-482-2424.