Youth, growth highlight Jeeps 2018-19 season

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In his first season as the Jeeps' centerpiece, Reece Bauer shined as he was once again Northeast Dubois' leading scorer with 14.4 points per game. However, it wasn't just the scoring that showed Bauer's growth — he also led the Jeeps in rebounding, assists and free throw shooting percentage.


With the 2018-19 boys basketball season officially over, it’s time to take a look back at what the five area boys basketball teams accomplished this past season and what’s next for them.

This is the second part of a five-part discussion series with the five area boys basketball coaches and their respective programs.

Next, is Northeast Dubois head coach Terry Friedman. The Jeeps had a little bit of a down year this past season as they finished with a 10-14 record as they took their lumps with a plethora of players getting their first varsity experience. Here’s a brief discussion with Friedman about the rise of Reece Bauer, the growing pains the Jeeps suffered and the overall outlook for the program.

  • On junior guard Reece Bauer (14.8 ppg; team leader in every major category) and his continued growth to improve his play as well as his ability to lead the Jeeps in a multitude of ways.

“Reece’s sophomore year he was our leading scorer but yet, he wasn’t our main piece. He had a very strong senior supporting class including Alan Kerstiens, Alex Harder, Griffen Bauer and players like that. This year, he moved from being a facilitator in our offense to the centerpiece in our offense and that’s a big step, he embodied that role and took it to heart. What impressed me the most was that he led us in every statistical category, it wasn’t just scoring — he led us in rebounding, assists, free-throw shooting and steals on defense.”

  • On the team’s younger players — sophomore Nick Lueken, sophomore Ty Riecker and sophomore Lane Knies — and the jump they made immediately to the varsity level.

“We knew we had a solid senior class with our three seniors and junior class with Reece (Bauer) and Ethan (Ziegler) but after that, we just weren’t really sure. We saw a lot of positive development and hard work in practice from these young men — these guys all became integrated into our top seven rotation at the varsity level and they became integral parts of our team. They all started at least one game this year so they got to experience that as a sophomore, hopefully we were able to get some things done this year to build for next year.”

  • On the growing pains the team suffered throughout the season (three losing streaks of at least three or more games) and what the team learned the most from them.

“First off, you have to play hard for 32 minutes — we had games against Forest Park, Jasper and several good teams where we led for about three quarters of the game but we weren’t able to close those out. I think a lot of that was due to our inexperience and not understanding what all has to be done to be successful at the varsity level. We knew we were going to have to learn some hard lessons along the way to be better prepared for next year.”

  • On the importance of having basketball players stay conditioned by playing sports in the spring such as baseball and track.

“We kind of depend on our athletes to stay conditioned year-round on their own. Being in a spring sport, or a fall sport, really helps them do that. Once the summer rolls around, June is a big basketball month for us as it is for most schools around the state of Indiana. We’ll be pretty focused on basketball once the baseball season ends around June -- in the meantime, it’s important our kids stay in shape.”

  • On the overall outlook for the Jeeps boys basketball program moving forward.

“We’re excited about next year — we only brought three guys back this past season with varsity experience (Reece Bauer, Logan Dodd, Marshall Knies) but now next year, we’ll bring back five or six guys with that experience in key roles. We feel like we have some talent coming there, it’s going to be a matter of getting physically fit and stronger for us and incorporating what we learned this year into next year. We’re very excited for Jeep basketball not only next year, but the years going forward.”

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