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Part 3

Hope you’ve been around for the first two columns on the Weisheit deer hunting family. Since I don’t deer hunt, I had asked the Preston and Alyssa Weisheit family to help me out with their takes on it. Preston capably came through with heartfelt thoughts about his family in part one. Daughter Reagan had her go at it last time, and this week Alyssa, a kindergarten teacher at Fifth Street School, and sons Reese and Trace get their shots, literally.


“Preston, Reagan, and Reese attended and passed their Hunters’ Education course in February, 2017. Trace has his apprentice license to use this hunting season. He will need to take and pass Hunters’ Ed next year before deer season. Hunting is very much a family affair. While the kids shared stories of their experience hunting with one adult, before Porter (six weeks old), there have been several hunts that our whole family has gone on. Preston will take one kid and sit in an elevated tree stand, and I will take the rest of the kids and sit in what we call the hut. It’s a 4’x8’ plywood building with a roof that we built on a trailer. We are able to heat the hut with a portable propane heater. While Dallas (age four)) is not the quietest hunter yet, he still has been part of several hunts. Each of our kids was around five when they got their first deer. It is a very exciting hobby that we hope our children will always enjoy and then pass along to their own kids.”

Reese Weisheit, 10, fourth grader at Tenth Street School

“One evening in the middle of muzzleloader season, me and my dad were hunting and we thought we were in a good spot. We waited there for a few hours and didn’t see anything so we left that spot before it was too dark to hunt. We went to a field about 100 yards away and laid down in the middle of it. After a few minutes we saw three deer walk out and one of them was pretty big and the other two were smaller. We watched for a minute and then dad laid down his backpack and rested the gun on it. I aimed at the biggest one and thinking it had a rack on it, dropped it to the ground dead. While we were walking up there, me and dad were debating on if it was a doe or a buck. And when we saw it, it was an eight-point buck. We had a big celebration. We got the ranger and field dressed it and loaded it up on the back of the truck and went home. We processed it into salami, rollups, and jerky. That was one of the best days ever.”

Trace Weisheit, 7, second grader at Fifth Street School

“I got my first deer during the youth hunting weekend when I was five years old. I went hunting with my family. I went with my mom and my dad and my brother. My dad and brother went to the tree stand and I was in the hut with my mom. It was the afternoon and we waited over an hour before a buck came out. My mom helped me get the deer in my sight. I pulled the trigger and the deer immediately dropped on the ground. Me and mom did a big high five and took a selfie. We called my dad and brother. We told them it was down. We took lots of pictures together. The antlers are hanging in my room. Hunting with my mom was the best.”

Update: During youth season Reagan got another 10-pointer and the boys both got does. Reese and Reagan have also started bow hunting on their own near their house and Reese shot a nice buck while hunting solo.

Thanks to the Weisheits for giving me and my readers some idea of just how exciting deer hunting can be and how it can draw a family so much closer together. Preston and Alyssa are starting a legacy that will be passed down to many generations.

Is there a youngster who would enjoy hunting with you?


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