Young veterans encouraged to join the VFW

To the editor:

If you are a continuous Veterans of Foreign Wars member, your dues have been raised by national headquarters by $10 a year. You might want to contact your respective posts and apply for life membership before Jan. 1.

Life membership is based on age: ages 31 to 40, $410; 41 to 50, $375; 51 to 60, $335; 61 to 70, $290; and 71 to 80, $225. Life membership dues are proposed to raise in one to two years. Act now and save yourself some money.

To young veterans going back as far as Desert Storm up until present day, you need to think about membership in a local VFW post. Our numbers are dwindling and if you do not help us keep the organization alive, Congress will eventually do away with all or most of the benefits for which you fought. There is strength in numbers and this is how we fight on Capitol Hill.

With the proposed increase in membership fees, now is the time to get your life membership. You can talk to a representative at any VFW post; life memberships are available to you on a payment plan. Your membership helps secure your future.

You do not have to become active in the post until you are ready; however, your membership would help relieve some of the burden on the elderly for funerals for our fallen comrades. This also may disappear in the future. We know you have busy lives, but this organization will help protect you and your family in the future. Please consider signing up. Help us to rule ourselves; do not leave our fate in Congress’ hands to a majority who never served their country.

If you are not eligible for the VFW, please check with an American Legion post. We work together as a team to protect our benefits on Capitol Hill.

—Mark Jackson, Diane Blume
VFW Post 2366, Huntingburg

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