Work to start on park on city’s north side

These were the Huntingburg Park Board's preliminary designs for the playground at Northside Park.


HUNTINGBURG — Concrete work on a new park on the north side of Huntingburg will start in August.

Jamniczky Contracting of Huntingburg was hired this month to install concrete for what is being called Northside Park. The park will be on a stretch of land south of 19th Street and just west of the Huntingburg Street Department.

When completed, the park will include a playground, basketball court and a path that runs around the features and south near a pond. A parking lot will be located on the north end of the park and circular parking will be closer to the south end. Land for the park was donated by Boxer Girl, the company that has developed the Hunters Crossing subdivision.

Jamniczky will install the concrete basketball court, which will double as a pickleball court, Park Director Larry Altstadt said. The company will also lay the concrete path that will run through the park, around the court and playground and south to near the pond.

The planned layout of Northside Park.

The Huntingburg Park Board approved Jamniczky’s $78,714 contract this month. Dirt will start moving in August, Altstadt said, and the concrete work will be done by the end of the year.

Northside Park’s pathway will ultimately be part of the city’s overall plan to have a walking path that goes from the north side of the city to the south side.

“The eventual plan is have a walkway that reaches to the overpass walkway,” Altstadt said. “Then people would be able to walk from this park to the overpass.”

That overall plan is being done gradually and in pieces. For instance, the walkway that will go along Fourth Street in the downtown Huntingburg will be part of this connecting path.

A shelter house will also be built later this year, Altstadt said. The playground and parking lots will likely be done next year. The hope is that some of those costs will be covered by donations, he said.

Northside Park will be the only city park that sits on the city’s north side.

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