Work release program helps save county taxpayers money

To the editor:

As I read the story in Tuesday’s (Nov. 19, 2013) Herald concerning Dubois County’s work release program’s funding issues, I was confused and disappointed.

There should be no doubt and full support for funding the shortfall due to funds being cut from the state. The work release program has accomplished many positive results including:

Ӣ It has lessened the pressure on our jail being overcrowded. A few years ago we were considering expanding the jail; not anymore.

Ӣ Individuals are given a second chance to rehabilitate themselves to become productive citizens. Everyone deserves a second chance. Do you agree?

* Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been saved for the taxpayers by this program.

I urge funding for the work release program now! It makes economic sense.

—John Burger, former commissioner

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