Wonderful folks

To the editor:

Many wonderful folks were very nice to me, a handicapped military vet, when my only brother, Dennis J. Schnell, passed away in August 2020. We played twin guitars, both played for the troops while serving in military service, both started into music about 80 years ago.

Our oldest sister, Mary Alice, once said: "When a musician passes away, it is twice sad."

I guess she meant: The musician is gone and the talent is gone.

With the Lord's help, I hope to keep the music tradition going, providing "live music" at the nursing homes with songs like the "Beer Barrel Polka," "Johnny B. Goode," "Waltz Across Texas," "Fraulein," "Sunrise Serenade," "Your Cheating Heart," "America the Beautiful," "It is No Secret" and a song I composed titled "Dennis."

One fine gentleman said to me: "You're doing God's work."

God bless all the wonderful folks in nursing homes in Dubois County and in Perry County.

— Charles "Tex" Schnell

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