Woman learns about self in at-home yoga

Marlena Sloss/The Herald
Tara Weisheit of Jasper practices yoga in her backyard on Wednesday. When she practices alone as opposed to with an instructor, she said she misses having someone to lead her in the postures.


JASPER — Tara Weisheit began going to Fire Horse Yoga last summer and even though the yoga studio is closed due to COVID-19, she continues to incorporate yoga exercises into her life.

The third grade teacher for Washington Community Schools admits that exercising from home is a major adjustment.

“I think any time you’re used to going to a studio of some kind or doing a group exercise class, it’s always very different to then switch to doing that on your own,” she said.

The Jasper resident would like to do yoga every day, but is finding herself doing it every other day while she’s teaching e-learning. Her yoga is often a beginning to her day.

“I think I’m definitely more productive when I’ve started my day that way,” she said. “I feel like I’ve kind of got my head set for the day. I’ve got good intention for the day. I’ve woken myself up. I’m ready to tackle other things.”

Weisheit would typically go to the yoga studio two or three times a week, which she can’t do now. She likes to go outside, and is benefitting from the recent cooperating weather. She will grab a mat and run things on her own in her backyard, sometimes even with music.

The online classes she takes from Fire Horse run 60 minutes, while her own routines she does herself last about 30 minutes. She engages in different stretching, balancing and core strength poses.

It’s harder for her to be at home and maintain self-accountability while she can’t be around other people. Now she has to make sure she doesn’t slack off when it comes to her exercises.

“I miss the community of people going to class and seeing familiar faces, and catching up with people and having the teachers present there with you,” she said.

That doesn’t take away, though, the things she has learned about herself throughout all of this, such as being capable and taking responsibility to run her own practice. She has found she can manage her schedule in a different way, and doesn’t always need to be out and about. She can still enjoy her favorite activities, even when she isn’t in other people’s presence.

The biggest thing she tells her third grade students, even though they’re younger, is to not let staying home be an excuse for a lack of activity. They can move their bodies, be it doing a dance workout or walking down the street. Weisheit still wants them to be active whenever they’re able.

Weisheit admits that when she first started yoga, she was clueless as a beginner, but she’s since gained a lot of knowledge.

Her more advanced classmates motivate her to strive for more in her yoga practice.

There will come a day when she’s back in class at the studio, and she’ can’t wait.

“I think it’s going to be quite a celebration,” she said.

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