With quality candidates like these, why look elsewhere?

To the editor:

In his letter to the editor (The Herald, July 15), Dubois County Democrat Chairman Mike Kendall writes in his defense of Mikayla Granados’ candidacy for Dubois County Council, “We agree with Chad Lueken of the Jasper City Council…” and quotes me as saying “Let the voters decide.”

To the best of my recollection, I did not say or write those exact words in reference to Granados. I did comment on a friend’s Facebook post on June 27 with the following: “She won her primary. It is up to the voters now to decide in November.” I was responding to my friend’s reaction to the June 26 Herald article about Granados’ questionable eligibility to run. At the time it was unclear whether any legal challenge to her candidacy would be pursued. So I was simply stating a fact.

Since then, Dubois County Republican Party Chairman Mark Messmer has made it clear that he would pursue a legal challenge, if she ran and garnered enough votes to win. It’s the right position for him to take as party chairman. After all, protecting the integrity of the political process is an important obligation of both parties. It’s obvious that Messmer takes his obligation seriously.

If Ms. Granados feels that the law which bars her from holding office is unfair or otherwise not a good law, she should advocate for reform— and not just disregard the rule of law.

If she chooses not to withdraw from the race, I have every confidence in the voters of Dubois County to do the right thing.

Republican Incumbent county council members Sonya Haas, Mike Kluesner and Doug Uebelhor are proven, accomplished, qualified candidates who are unquestionably eligible to serve. With quality candidates like these, is there any reason to look elsewhere?

—Chad Lueken
Jasper City Council, District 3

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