Will of the majority has spoken

To the editor:

Contrary to popular belief, America is not, nor was it meant to be, a pure democracy. America is a republic. Eligible voters vote for representatives to make decisions on matters concerning the country, the state or even more so the local counties.

Much debate occurs during local elections such as matters on a new jail, a Mid-States Corridor or the county budget. All political parties debate their side of the issue and the voters decide whom they trust to move the county forward.

The voters of Dubois County, by a huge majority, have placed their faith in the winners of the Nov. 3 election. Elections have consequences. Those who say, “we never got to debate the issues” or “our numbers at the rally show we have a majority of the support to stop this project”, are being disingenuous. Trump had major attendance at his rallies, you couldn’t fill a bus with most of the people at Biden’s rallies. Yet Biden is the President-elect. The will of the majority has spoken with their vote.

— Daryl Hensley

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