Why would Senate not take up bill to fund cancer trials?

To the editor:

I wonder how many folks saw Obama mock the idea of “death panels” shortly after the startup of Obamacare? And yet, the Democratic Senate leader, Harry Reid, refuses to allow a bill to come to a vote that will permit funding for medical trials for cancer patients. Sen. Reid answered a reporter’s question with, “Why would we do that?” The reporter had asked him why he refused to bring the bill to a vote: “If one child could be saved, why wouldn’t you allow a vote to fund those trials?” Does Sen. Reid’s response sound heartless? Does it sound like someone on a death panel?

A particular interpretation of the recent words of Pope Francis has brought great joy to some. Does the Holy Father say “focus less on pre-born life”? I think not, and I hope not. The sacredness of a human life can never be diminished, whether poor or yet to be born. If the right to abortion is believed to be OK, does that logic lead to turning away from cancer-suffering children for political reasons? And what did you think of the decision by the head of Obama’s U.S. Health and Human Services Department to reject a lung transplant for a child?

Please remember that voting can have deadly consequences.

—Karen Wallem

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