Why on earth would we abandon an ally?

To the editor:

Why did The Donald, after just one phone call with authoritarian president of Turkey, Erdogan, decide to reverse long standing US military policy to immediately pull out the roughly 1,000 U.S. special forces from the Kurdish controlled part of Syria which borders Turkey? 

The Pentagon was blindsided. Not one expert diplomat or military commander thinks it is rational policy to immediately abandon the Kurds, a staunch ally of the United States, who did almost all of the fighting and sustained thousands and thousands of casualties taking territory away from the ISIS caliphate. 

U.S. troops were their backup, equipment suppliers, strategy partners and took very few casualties.  Why on earth abandon the Kurds, leaving them without U.S. military support against ISIS?  Equally important is U.S. presence in their controlled former ISIS territory, which shields them from attack by countries which do not want to risk killing U.S. troops. 

Why on earth abandon an ally, for all other current or potential allies to see, forever making The United States a big fat liar when it comes to keeping commitments?

You need to know this.  First, Erdogan hates the Kurds. He has some in his country and is afraid that Turkey may lose territory to Kurds.  He wants to destroy our allies, the Kurds who banished ISIS from a large area of Syria. 

Second, The Donald has a business deal with billionaire Turkish real estate developer, Aydin Dogan. The deal is that Dogan’s twin tower building displays the Trump name. Dogan rents the Trump name under license, which is not permanent. Dogan has explored his options to rename the tower and kill this income stream for The Donald, because of The Donald’s famous Muslim ban.  Erdogan has called for removal of the Trump name from Dogan’s tower. 

Gangster movie watchers know a shakedown and The Donald personifies a shakedown.  Will the tower retain the Trump name?  After the shakedown is complete, watch that tower’s name.  And watch The Donald’s income stream, if you can get access to his tax returns. 

— David Dudine


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