Who will be held responsible for the damage done?

To the editor:

How can protestors call for peace and justice, yet go around looting, stealing and destroying innocent people's property and their livelihood? Who is going to be held responsible for the millions of dollars of damage they have caused during their protests?

A peaceful protest is one thing, but what they're doing is totally wrong. They are out there protesting because of a few people getting killed by the hands of law enforcement. It seems to me what they're doing in their protests is far worse.

What about the millions of babies that are killed every year because they are unwanted? Who is out on the street protesting on their behalf?

What about the good cops who are out there on the street having to endure insults and injuries from rocks, bottles, etc.? How come it is wrong for the police department to use force to control the crowds, but it's OK for the crowds to harm them?

These officers are human beings and have families just like us. Just because there are some bad policeman, it doesn't make them all bad.

And what about all the statues and monuments that are being destroyed and dismantled? This is part of our history. Or are we going to rewrite our history and take out all the bad stuff as if it never happened? It seems to me that there are more important things in life than old statues to worry about.

When the coronavirus spikes, Donald Trump is going to be blamed for opening the country too soon. What about the protestors who are on top of each othere without wearing masks? Blame them.

—Bert Hochgesang

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