Weyer caps wild weekend with County Am title

Photos by Traci Westcott/The Herald
Cam Weyer of Jasper tees off during the final round of the 50th annual Dubois County Amateur Men's Golf Tournament presented by The Herald at Sultan's Run Golf Club in Jasper on Sunday. After dueling back-and-forth with 11-time County Am winner Derek Bolling for the majority of the day, Weyer used a birdie on the final hole to break a tie with Bolling and secure his third career County Am title. For more photos from the final round, click here.


JASPER — There’s such a thing as a good weekend and then there’s the weekend Cam Weyer had.

After posting the low score in his first ever appearance at the Evansville Men’s City Tournament qualifier on Saturday at Fendrich Golf Course, he continued his hot streak into the final round of the 50th running of The Herald’s Dubois County amateur men’s golf tournament at Sultan’s Run Golf Club in Jasper.

Weyer entered the day in second place, just one stroke behind 11-time County Am winner Derek Bolling. But after battling back-and-forth with each other for nearly the whole round, Weyer’s birdie on the final hole helped him break a tie with Bolling and secure his third County Am title.

“It’s always hard to follow up a really good round like the one I had (on Saturday), but I just knew I was hitting the ball so good coming into today,” said Weyer, who finished with a total score of 212 after shooting a 73 on Sunday. “I don’t even think my score reflects how well I played today, I just hit the ball so well.”

Caleb Begle finished second overall with a score of 214 as he was the only golfer to finish under par on Sunday with a score of 70. Derek Bolling (215), Carson Pierce (216) and Ian Weyer (217) rounded out the top five while Brad Bolling (220) won his fourth overall Senior Division title and current Jasper High School golfer Avery Hollinden (235) was the Steve Seger Youth Division champion.

After he finished as the runner-up in last year’s County Am to Jeff Sanders, Weyer admits that he was going for broke in this year’s tournament.

“After losing last year, today was basically win-or-nothing for me,” Weyer said. “Knowing it was the 50th anniversary, I just wanted to come back and win again.”

Sometimes, you have a feeling that you’re going to have a solid day on the golf course right from the very beginning.

As it turns out, that was the case for Weyer who credits a strong start on the very first hole as a key point in his victory this past weekend.

“The last two or three years, I’ve hit a terrible tee shot off of the first tee,” Weyer recalled. “This time, I pulled my hybrid out and probably hit the best hybrid in my life — I mean, I just smoked it. After that, I knew I still had it from yesterday.”

Somebody else who definitely had “it” on Sunday was Caleb Begle. He entered the final round at Sultan’s Run in eighth place but finished three strokes ahead of anyone else on the final day with a score of 70.

After he admitted that the opening rounds at Huntingburg Country Club at Buffalo Trace Golf Course were a little tiring, he made a few changes going into the final round.

Caleb Begle of Jasper watches his ball after teeing off during the final round of the 50th annual Dubois County Amateur Men's Golf Tournament presented by The Herald at Sultan's Run Golf Club in Jasper on Sunday. Begle was the only golfer to shoot under par on Sunday as his score of 70 helped move him all the way from eighth place to the runner-up position for his best career finish in the County Am. For more photos from the final round, click here.

“I had my mom with me today and she pushed the (golf) bag around while I walked,” Begle said. “That made things a lot easier on me.”

While there were a few tough moments and some shots that didn’t quite go so well, overall Begle was very happy with how he played right from the start.

“There were some swings that weren’t very good but I found a way to make it close and I also made some big putts for par that kept the round going,” Begle said. “I just tried to always stay even-keeled with my attitude whether something good or bad happened and I think it paid off. I just had confidence in myself.”

Something that was talked about throughout the tournament was the overwhelming heat that lasted for pretty much all 18 holes on Sunday. At one point, the “feels like” temperature was listed all the way up to 104 degrees.

With the few final pairings on the last two holes, heavy rain started to pour as well but luckily lifted so every golfer was able to finish all 18 holes. Something that County Am board member and tournament golfer Anthony Seng was more than happy to see happen.

“Having the tournament rain-shortened last year was a bummer so it was great seeing everyone go 18 holes this year,” Seng said. “That rain was a little bit scary and daunting — the big roll of thunder was kind of an “Oh no” moment but we were glad to get it in.”

Now that the 50th anniversary of the County Am has come and gone, golfers up and down the leaderboard are continuing to think of ways to grow the tournament and ensure that it lasts another 50 years or hopefully, even longer.

One of the big keys to success in maintaining the tournament will be getting more and more younger golfers in the field — this year, there were just two golfers competing for the youth division championship.

“We encourage our guys to play in these things, it’s something we keep pushing,” said Begle, who is the head boys golf coach at Jasper High School. “It’s fun to compete and it’s how you get better — it’s more fun being in competitive rounds rather than just playing on your own.”

Seng added: “By building up some of the high schoolers that come through around the area, I personally believe the younger we get them in the tournament than the more likely they’ll continue to play. We just want to keep growing the game.”

Weyer can recall the tournament seeming to almost mean more when he first started playing in it. He can recall how players had to walk from hole-to-hole and how it seemed there were more fans to watch the golfers take to the course.

He’s hoping that the tournament will continue to attract more and golfers as it’s remained one of his favorite ones to play.

“I’d like to see almost 60 to 80 people here, I know there’s a lot of people who love to golf in Jasper,” Weyer said. “(The tournament) will always mean a lot to me, I’d just love to see the participation go up. After that, I think everything else will follow.”

The top 10 finishers and other award winners in The Herald's 50th annual Dubois County amateur men's golf tournament are, from left, Derek Bolling, Nathan Pinkstaff, Bryson Bolling, overall winner Cam Weyer, overall runner-up Caleb Begle, Carson Pierce, Anthony Seng, Justin Leibering, Senior Division winner Brad Bolling and Ian Weyer.
Avery Hollinden was the Steve Seger Youth Division award winner as he finished with an overall score of 235.

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