We've been hearing a lot about White Privilege

To the editor:

We’ve been hearing a lot recently about “White Privilege” — whatever that means. I believe I can define that for many of the ignorant among us who must have a lot of time on their hands in claiming loyalty to “Black Lives Matter” or other such movements in their protest activity.

My father-in-law, Ralph “Pete” Oeding, served his country in the Army and his wife, Alberta “Bert,” helped run their small farm and raised four daughters. Pete would wake every morning by 5 a.m. to tend to the livestock and then arrive at Jasper Engines by 6:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. He worked in the cylinder head department, standing on a thin rubber mat (50 hours per week) until retirement 40 years later. There were many times he worked on Saturday morning.

After work, he would again tend to the farm chores and spend what little time that was left with family matters. Bert would help with the domestic chores along with additional help needed on the farm to sustain the family. The daughters, as they grew, would help wherever they could with household and farm tasks. Sundays were spent at church and visiting with family and friends.

Both Pete and Bert believed this was not only their responsibility to their country, family, neighbors and church, but the correct path to success, living in a free society. Their story was repeated many times over in the wood factories and businesses throughout this mainly German area.

I guess this is “White Privilege.”

—Grayson Goodness

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