Welding, fabrication business hopes to ‘make a mark’


Jessica Crosby, Daniel Crosby and Tyler Drumm

JASPER — They aren’t in it for the money.

Leaders of the recently-opened, multi-faceted Crosby & Drumm small business in Jasper are guided by other priorities. Owned by Jasper native Jessica (Welp) Crosby, the automotive equipment, welding and fabrication business has goals outside of turning a big profit.

“Our main goal isn’t to get huge and grow and make a bunch of money,” Jessica explained. “Our main goal is to have us be happy as employee-owners, and us to be able to bring in employees and treat them correctly. Like we would want to be treated.”

Located at 365 11th Avenue on the city’s south side, Crosby & Drumm is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Friday. Special accommodations can be made, however, outside those hours.

While Jessica is the owner and deals with the fundamentals of the business, she has partnered with her husband, Daniel, and their close friend, Tyler Drumm, to bring their shared vision to life.

Jessica knows how to handle money and knock out paperwork, while Tyler and Daniel are professional welders and fabricators. Daniel has an automotive background. Tyler handles other types of projects.

“I feel like we’ve all worked at different places in the world,” Tyler said of the tight-knit trio. “And what we are basically doing is taking all of our talents and putting our ... best qualities, so on and so forth, into one business.”

The shop currently completes custom orders and installs aftermarket equipment for both commercial and personal vehicles at competitive prices. It also offers aluminum, metal and mobile welding services, as well as metal fabrication services.

Daniel said Crosby & Drumm wants to catch overflow, and hopefully, grow with the community’s needs.

He and Tyler met about a year ago at a previous employer. The two instantly bonded, and they decided to leave together to set out on their own path. They wanted to value their employees, while also offering their customers competitive prices and personalized care.

“When Tyler and I were sitting in a truck on break, we dreamt this up,” Daniel said. “Our main motto is we want to train you good enough to leave, but treat you good enough to stay. That’s with our employees. So, our main goal is, when this does take off, it means more jobs for Dubois County.”

It also means more opportunities for local high school students to study skilled crafts, Daniel continued. Passing on their expertise to others — and potentially hiring them on the staff — is important to all of the business.

Currently, the shop’s only workers are the Crosbys and Tyler. After extensive renovations, the business officially opened in its roughly 3,000 square foot space — which used to house a semi truck hub — on March 2.

The connection that the three leaders share is close. They know that success is not guaranteed. But even if they fail, they’ll know that they did everything they could to chase their dream. And they know that they’ll always have lasting friendships.

“We just want to make a mark,” Daniel said. “That’s mainly what we’re doing. Making a mark.”

Added Tyler: “Our goal isn’t to be rich, because we already are. Because we have each other.”

Crosby & Drumm can be reached at 556-5011. The business can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/crosbyanddrumm.

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