Webster seeks Indiana’s 8th District seat

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EVANSVILLE — Mike Webster of Evansville has announced his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives in Indiana’s 8th District.

“Expensive health care that doesn’t cover anything. Jobs with low pay and lousy benefits. Crippling student debt. Rampant corruption and indecency in the Republican Party. A society and changing climate in which our children’s and grandchildren’s future is increasingly bleak — that’s what the Larry Bucshons of the world have inflicted on us,” Webster said in a press release. “But it doesn’t have to be this way. We know that because it hasn’t always been this way. Republicans and weak Democrats have done this to us, not in the distant past, but recently. But what they have done can be undone, and then made better still.”

Indiana’s 8th District includes counties in the southwest and west central part of the state, including Dubois.

Webster faces fellow Democrats Ron Drake and E. Thomasina Marsili in the May 5 primary. The winner in the primary will face incumbent Republican Larry Bucshon on Nov. 3.

Webster is a relative newcomer to political campaigning, but according to a press release, he has had some important successes in local politics. He was elected to the Black Township Board of Trustees in Posey County. He fought and helped overturn an illegal drug testing program, exposing it as what he calls a colossal waste of taxpayer money. He helped expose government corruption, resulting in a state investigation that uncovered an embezzlement scheme in which an elected official stole money that was meant to help the poor and fund fire and rescue. He didn’t just save taxpayer money, he made profit for the taxpayer by getting banks to bid for the Township accounts, resulting in higher interest rates. He also served as a volunteer on the Community Corrections Board where he worked with law enforcement, the judiciary and community groups to fight recidivism and keep the community safe.

“Local politics isn’t like national politics,” Webster said in a press release. “At the local level, Democrats and Republicans routinely work together for the good of the community. National politics, however, is poisoned by toxic ideologies and rampant corruption that harms our local communities. Washington Politicians like Larry Bucshon put ideology before doing what works, and get enormous paychecks from lobbyists for their efforts.”

On all issues, Webster said he stresses practicality over ideology. On many issues, such as affordable health care, quality jobs and education, he said he recognizes the past as a guide.

He said he recognizes that the 8th District has voted overwhelmingly Republican, but he believes most Republicans are sickened by what their national party has become, and are catching onto Larry Bucshon, who has become entirely a creature of Washington, D.C., and doesn’t even live in Indiana anymore. Webster said he provides Republicans a good alternative. He added that he is a conservative in the sense of caring about traditional values, but is one who will apply those values in the modern world to help improve the lives of the people in the 8th District.

“Like just about everyone in Southwestern Indiana, I know many Republicans,” Webster said. “My father is a Republican, my mother was independent, but usually voted Republican, including for Donald Trump. I’ve worked with many Republicans, both in local politics, law enforcement, the judiciary, and in business.”

He added: “And you are appalled, sickened even, by the corruption and indecency going on in Washington, D.C. And you know, even if you don’t want to admit it publicly, that your party has been taken over by hustlers and crooks and con men who don’t share our values.

“You know it’s time for a change.”

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