We should do better for our veterans

To the editor:

With Memorial Day approaching, please remember the veterans who served and are now serving. Only 1% of the population now serves our country with 10% of them on the front lines risking life and limb.

The US has troops in 177 foreign deployments and war that we are currently in. Our war budget is $738 billion. Since 2001, $6.4 trillion was spent on the war budget.

There are 30,000 homeless veterans, besides the wounded, physical and mental trauma, that the veterans and families suffer. We should do better for them.

So this Memorial Day or any day you have a chance, thank a veteran for the freedoms you have.

Also, did you know that Indiana has 1.7 million people not registered to vote? We are also in the bottom 20% of the states to vote.

Our right to vote was fought for by veterans. So show your respect and register to vote and thank a veteran for the honor.

—Nancy Stratman

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