We need integrity in our elections

To the editor:

On Tuesday, November 3, the citizens of the United States of America expressed their collective will regarding the man who will be inaugurated as president on January 20, 2021.

As of this writing, 95 percent of the news media as well as most talk show pundits, Hollywood celebrities, and many politicians on both sides have declared the outcome at top volume. Facebook and Twitter are awash in Biden victory posts and tweets. It seems that we already know who the president will be.

That is, until the Electoral College meets, and all litigation over the election has been completed.

The Founding Fathers envisioned a nation where the people would have unfettered rights of speech and freedom of the press to express and debate their views. The Founders wanted a vigorous exchange of ideas in the public square from all quarters: no holds barred, no stone unturned, and no character unexamined.

While the debate was to be ongoing, the actual decision — the effective Voice of the People — was to be exercised seldom: once every two, four, or six years at the ballot box.

This right of the People to exercise their voice must be preserved and defended against all efforts to undermine, silence, dismantle, obstruct, or otherwise render it impotent and useless.

How much voter or election fraud is too much?

Let us ask this question: How much arsenic in your water is too much?

If we do not have integrity in our elections, then our Republic is done. We the People have no voice. The U.S. Constitution is just a piece of paper, rendered irrelevant by the corruption of our election process by those who seek absolute power over the We the People.

This patriot rejects that outcome. And indeed, so should all of us.

— Angela K. McDonald

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