We are made in the image of God

To the editor:

We may not always be able to see that God has created us in His own image, primarily because of our own brokenness through sin. Our desires are off kilter and this lends us to search for something other than what will really bring us fulfillment and lasting happiness. In our search for something different or “diverse” we end up settling for something less. Any happiness that comes from it is fleeting, at best, while leaving us disappointed and, often times, feeling alienated.

What the world has to offer today is really not anything new but has been with us since the time of Adam and Eve. They were tempted to believe that God really did not want their happiness because he did not give them what they most desired.  Satan’s lie clouded their minds, distorted their feelings, and weakened their wills. As a result, they could not recognize the abundance of God’s blessings, they could not feel satisfied in the beauty of each other, and they could not act toward a common good.

This three-fold problem continues to unfold before us in many but not new ways. One of these consists in the very sensitive topic of our sexuality. Let us not search for something other than the original unity of how God made us male and female.

Today, as in many times past, some are tempted to search for happiness in so-called sexual diversity, for example, in a supposed alternate gender or in an intimate relationship other than through a man and a woman united in marriage. To put it simply, this search will end in a barren desert.

God loves us more than you can imagine. He knows every hair on our head. He knows our heart, mind and soul. He knows our challenges and concerns. He comes to heal and strengthen us. He calls us by name, and we are His masterpiece.

—Fr. Jeff Read
St. Isidore Parish, Celestine

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