Walk away and vote Rainwater

To the editor:

Conservatives have long voted for the Republican Party. Its candidates often rally against the state. "Lower taxes, less regulation, decentralization!" they proclaim. All we have gotten for our support over the years has been the continued expansion of the exact ideas they protest. Why? Because they say they're pro-life and do nothing to change the law? Because they say they're pro-gun, and yet they pass more restrictions on the sale and ownership of firearms?

Send them a message. Conservatives and small-government leaning individuals won't settle anymore for meaningless campaign promises. We want freedom and liberty, and only one party stands for those values. It's not the Democratic Party, and it's no longer the Republican Party. A shift toward liberty requires a shift toward third parties.

Please seriously consider a vote for the Libertarian Party this year, and support Donald Rainwater in his campaign for governor.

— Kyle Hugenberg



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