Vote 'yes' on upcoming referendum

To the editor:

To the residents of Southeast Dubois School Corporation: I am writing to urge voters to please vote yes on the upcoming referendum. Our school doesn’t have large numbers and enrollment has declined in recent years, so I ask that you consider the heart of our community, our schools, when voting this November. We live in a small, strong knit community; and, for as long as I can remember, everyone has always been willing to help one another. I have had the privilege of living in many different states and communities over the last 15 years, and out of all of them, I love Ferdinand the most. No other place gives me the same loving feeling. No other place feels like home.

I love watching football under the Friday night lights. I love watching basketball on Friday and Saturday evenings in the gym. I love being able to hear the band practice at school while I sit on my front porch. I love hearing the fire trucks come through town to celebrate when a team wins sectional, regional, semi-state and state titles. Additionally, there is nothing better than winning a county rival game and picking on friends from neighboring communities. I love seeing gyms and stadiums packed full of green and gold cheering for the Rangers. If our referendum doesn't pass, we risk losing all of that. Ranger nation will slowly diminish. Activities and sports will slowly have to go, and before we know it, schools will be forced to consolidate. Yes, the referendum will affect everyone, including those who do not have children in school, but I ask you to consider how much the students of Southeast Dubois love their school, sports and extra-curricular activities. These kids have worked unbelievably hard to make a name for our school.

Please continue to support Southeast Dubois Schools’ tradition of excellence. Please vote yes to continue providing the students of Southeast Dubois with the best educational experience we can provide. Please remember where we came from, what we have built and what is yet to come. Please, vote yes!

— Eric Evitts

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