Vote for Teresa Kendall

To the editor:

Many times, we are too quick to vote for an incumbent due to the fact that we know nothing about the opponent. I would like to speak out on behalf of Teresa Kendall, who is running for our Indiana Representative of District 63. She is a neighbor and good friend, and I am amazed at how well informed she is. Teresa is a retired teacher, and I truly believe a former teacher would represent us very well.

Teresa is fighting against the Mid States Corridor road. I think most of us voters are not wanting that road to happen. Our current state representative (Shane Lindauer) has obviously failed to listen to his constituents. When an elected official ignores the people he or she represents, it is time to vote that person OUT.

As a former teacher and as a citizen of Dubois County, Teresa is appalled at the misuse of some of our tax dollars — money that should have gone to our local public schools but did not!

I have only two issues, but they are hot topics. We have to be able to trust in our lawmakers.

Vote for Teresa Kendall.

— Maureen “Reen” Gutgsell

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