Vote for democracy, not dictatorship

To the editor:

If you haven’t voted yet, vote for democracy — not dictatorship. Trump has walked all over the constitution, the Department of Defense, the science on medical decisions, the Senate, the Department of Homeland Security, etc. He doesn’t respect any of them. He thinks he is superior, an Adolf Hitler, and I question mentality, his IQ — if he has one.

And our vice president is like a puppet on a string. Everything Trump says, he even does the clapping for himself, the pointing to the crowd and doing the clenched fist thing. He’s Trump all over.

We’ve had great leaders from Indiana. For example, Richard Lugar, Birch Bayh, Evan Bayh, Don Coats, etc.

Trump defies the science of wearing masks and his inner circle paid for it. I wonder if he even had it. Maybe a lie?

Oh, and he said Osama bin Laden is still alive. WOW.

He also says he doesn’t understand it. What was in it for them? The dead soldiers who died for our country, calling them suckers and losers. I served in the Army National Guard for six years. I went to Puerto Rico to train for Vietnam. In the end, the Jasper Guard Unit didn’t have to go. I had a brother-in-law who served in Vietnam. He was a great guy and he made it home.

I had a first cousin, Arnold Steffe, who served in World War II. He was drafted at age 18 and died before his 20th birthday.

Not suckers, not losers!

Multiple U.S. generals let him know.

Please, America — wake up. Save our democracy. Senators — wear masks and take care of our future, the little children. God bless America again!

—Larry Dupps

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