Vote for candidates who reflect your principles

To the editor:

It is election time!

Yes, I know, you just want the commercials to end … so do I. I would like to be able to watch TV or online videos without the threat of negative political ads popping up. LOL.

I will say I am taking comfort in the abundance of great local candidates worth voting for, and not having to pick from the lesser of two evils.

Before I get to the local candidates, a quick note on the Senate race. There are three candidates to choose from, not two. Lucy Brenton, the person nearly 7 percent of Dubois County voted for two years ago, is back on the ballot for the Libertarians. Among Brenton, Braun and Donnelly you should be able to find someone you will want to vote for, which I believe is important.

The state level races vary in quality, with the southern half of Dubois County having the worst of it in the Statehouse race, with two marginal candidates in Bartels and Kleesman. Lindauer, Messmer and Houchin are all worthy of voting for, though, and should make you want to go vote.

The county races are very interesting, with the sheriff and county clerk race dominating the yard sign market. The sheriff race is coming down to the details of how you want the department to be led, and there is a difference.

Next, the clerk’s race. The winner of the race will have their party control how the county is cut up for voting purposes. So, besides who is most qualified, which, in my opinion, is Amy Kippenbrock, there is a level of politics involved. I abhor the political aspect, but it is a detail we need to understand before we vote.

I won’t go into the other races, but point out the county council has done a fabulous job. All of them should be re-elected, regardless of party.

Stay true to your beliefs and principles and vote for the individual who best reflects them, regardless of party.

—Adrian Engelberth

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