Letter: Vietnam Veterans Day is Sunday

To the editor:

This Sunday, March 29, is set aside as Vietnam Veterans Day in honor of all who served and those who sacrificed their life for the freedom we now have. So few Americans today appreciate what these young men and women went through. They did it without hesitation, giving up their time and dreams, their lives and families to protect the freedom we now have. We see them every day and walk on by, many without a "Thank You" and most without a "Hi."

I am a Vietnam vet and damn proud of it. We are now the old soldiers sitting in the American Legions or VFW posts telling war stories. WWI, WWII and Korean vets are slowly passing on and leaving us, the Vietnam vets, to carry on the tradition. Most of us do not want to share these memories. We carry wounds not seen with scars. We carry memories that burn deep and burn like fire. We are the veterans from a war no one liked. We suffered when no one cared.

The following is a poem I wrote today to honor my Vietnam vet comrades.

Vietnam Veterans Day
March 29th., 2020

You may not know me but I know you.
I am a Vietnam vet true to the red, white, and blue.
I breath freedom because I cared.
My children know freedom because I fought and shared.

You may not know me but I know you.
I carry wounds not seen with scars and memories not new.
I choke up when a flag passes by.
When I hear "Taps" I fall to my knees and cry.

I see you every day as you walk by.
I always shake your hand and say "Thank you and Hi"
You gave us your time and answered the call.
Some gave their life for us all.

The next time you walk by a Vietnam vet never giving it a thought,
Think of all that they did and all the battles they fought.
Please make sure to say, "Thank you" and be sincere.
Because they didn't give it a thought and did it without fear.

—Raphael "Rafe" Schaefer

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