Valparaiso intersections to get painted artwork

By The Associated Press

VALPARAISO — Two intersections in Valparaiso's Banta neighborhood will have artwork painted on the pavement as a traffic calming measure.

The art project was one of 14 grants approved by the city's Redevelopment Commission in 2019, according to The Northwest Times. The $5,000 grant will cover the costs of materials and the artistic talents of Hobart muralist Peter Cortese.

Community Engagement Director Maggie Clifton said it was the neighborhood's idea as a way to get drivers' attention and slow them down.

“It's just a pilot program for the city to see how it goes,” she said.

The artwork was a collaboration between Cortese and students from Central Elementary School; drawings based on safety, environment and community themes. The neighborhood then voted on the top two drawings for Cortese to recreate on the intersections of Garfield Avenue and Chicago Street, and Locust and Erie streets.

The neighborhood is in charge of monitoring the artwork and clean up any graffiti that might appear. If the artwork starts to deteriorate due to vandalism, traffic wear, or weather, the city has the option to remove it.

“We will try it and see what happens,” Clifton said. “If successful, it could be done at other intersections.”

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