Vaccine clinics continue despite weather


The Dubois County Health Department was able to keep its vaccine clinics running, despite the weather.

“We stayed open throughout the entire snowstorm this week,” said Shawn Werner, the health department’s administrative director. “The county put us on a two-hour delay yesterday (Tuesday), but a couple of our staff members came in and accommodated those that were on the early appointments. If they made it in, we took care of them.”

All over the country, vaccine clinics reportedly had to close because of the storms in their area. But the county health department managed to keep its clinic open.

There were some people who could not make it in for their appointments, however, Werner said.

“There's been some cancellations by individuals who weren't able to make it to their appointment because of the snow,” he said. “But we've been taking care of them as they come and try to get them rescheduled.”

The department is still also keeping its schedule for two mass clinics for people to receive their second dose of the vaccine. Those who got their first dose at the Jan. 23 clinic at Jasper Middle School will get the second dose this Saturday. Those who got their first dose at the health department’s Jan. 30 clinic at the middle school will get their second dose on Saturday, Feb. 27.

The health department is doing its best to still accommodate those who qualify for the vaccine but have not yet gotten the doses. “If they can come to us,” Werner said, “we're gonna take care of them.”

To schedule an appointment to get the vaccine, go online at

Along with working on getting those age 65 and older vaccinated, the department is working on how to get those qualifying residents in the Hispanic community to get the vaccine.

“We’ve tried to do it through Spanish press releases, but we're just not seeing that population come through,” Werner said. “So we're coming up with a plan on how to reach them.”

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