Using loaded word 'replaced’ was insult to ISTA president

To the editor:

May I ask if you got the local brief (April 30) about Jasper resident Nate Schnellenberger from an anti-education wire service, or was it written by a Herald reporter whose journalism training never covered the subject of “loaded words?”

Saying that Mr. Schnellenberger was “replaced” implies that he was dumped or fired, or that he did something wrong. In fact, he was elected and served two three-year terms as president of Indiana State Teachers Association, and the bylaws do not allow someone to run for a third term. Mrs. Meredith was elected Monday, but she does not take over as president until Mr. Schnellenberger’s term is over at the end of July.

Saying that he fought unsuccessfully against supposed education reforms proposed by former governor Mitch Daniels and former state schools superintendent Tony Bennett implies that he accomplished nothing during his tenure. In fact, mobilizing the electorate to vote Bennett out of office was a major accomplishment to which Mr. Schnellenberger contributed. In fact, it is no secret that Daniels and Bennett tried very hard to destroy the Indiana State Teachers Association, and it is largely through the efforts of Mr. Schnellenberger that they were foiled.

Mr. Schnellenberger is in fact retiring after six years of hard work as president of ISTA. Every citizen of Indiana should show appreciation for Mr. Schnellenberger’s dedication and service.  
The Herald owes him an apology.

—Ed Walston
St. Anthony

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