U.S. filled with hate; time to oust diseased progressives

To the editor:

There is a sickness loose in this land. A sickness brought to you by progressives. A debauchery of which very few of us who are living have ever experienced. It’s spread throughout our entire culture embracing moral, political, social and economic anomalies.

A million mothers kill their babies every year. The sex slave trade flourishes here. Pornography addiction is greater than ever before. Drugs and alcoholism are endemic in America.

The biggest bubble the world has ever known is ready to pop at any time. Free money from the fed for the bankers has left more companies, governments and individuals saturated with mathematically unpayable debt. When interest rates rise, we will then see who has been swimming naked.

Our land is filled with hate. Americans have turned on each other. The hate comes from the fractionalization of American society. Civil discourse is just a thing of the past. Democrats and Republicans cannot tolerate each other. Governance is in lockdown.

As has been observed by others, “You don’t have to play by the rules of the corrupt politicians, manipulative media and brainwashed peers.” Fortunately, any who recognized this elected President Trump decided not to play by the elites rules.

We will see in the fall elections if they are still serious about draining the swamp and destroying the dark deep state. We will find out if the people are as determined as ever before to return to a level playing field where the ordinary guy has a chance to succeed and thrive.

We will find out if they are willing to back up President Trump’s war on progressives by voting for conservative candidates to undo the mess we’re in.  Hoosiers can  vote for Mike Braun, Mark  Layva, Greg Pence, congressional representatives Jim Banks and Trey Hollingsworth  and  state representatives Jim Baird who will carry water for President Trump.

If you do not like the politically correct world progressives have imposed upon us, you are going to have to drain the swamp of those diseased creatures that have infected us. And only you can cast the votes in the November election to do that.

—Michael Lewinski

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