Uncovered trucks torture turkeys in freezing weather

To the editor:

Every time I see a semi truck loaded with turkeys blasting down the highway in the middle of a freezing night, without a covering to protect the birds from the agony of the biting 60-mph wind chill on their way to the slaughterhouse, many things are confirmed to me, besides the fact Americans living in the so called “heartland” are just as cruel as any terrorist gang in a third world country. One being, that the “good Christians” of Indiana who never make a peep about this cruelty, are a thoughtless, phony lot, and are not bothered one bit by the horrendous suffering of these birds. Two, the people who make profits from the turkey slaughter industry and fill their bank accounts as a result of this torture, are too tight with their money to buy and use insulated trailer covers that would shield the turkeys from the freezing torture. Three, the lawmakers who get elected from Dubois County and the rest of the State of Indiana, who could make laws that make the turkey industry use protective trailer covers that would help shield these birds from this torment but don’t, are themselves cold and heartless.

If anyone thinks that it’s silly nonsense to care about these animals suffering in the freezing cold, do a little test. Sometime when it is near zero degrees, and the ground is frozen, stand on the back of a pickup truck and have someone drive you from one end of Dubois County to the other at 55 miles-an-hour and see if it matters to you then. See how you hold up. I suspect your macho attitude will last about 200 yards at most.

—Shane Zoglman

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