Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel is a clean-air choice

To the editor:

I understand some people’s concerns about the coal-to diesel plant. It is the responsibility of the Dale Town Council to listen to both sides. We have to rely on IDEM’s report. If they approve the permit, by law that is what we have to go by. We do not discriminate against any company. We welcome any legal business.

The plant itself will produce ultra-low sulfur diesel, which is a clean air choice fuel endorsed by the American Lung Association. It’s ironic people are opposing the plant based on misinformed understandings of how the plant will operate and yet it’s going to produce a fuel that the American Lung Association endorses because it’s better for human health than traditional diesel.

It’s also really important for people to understand how prominent the use of diesel fuel is in the United States and the global transportation industry, which is a massive contributor to our economy. Diesel fuel is used in trucking, rail transportation, shipping and even home heating particularly in the northeast. Converting all of that global diesel usage to ultra-low sulfur diesel is environmentally more healthy and responsible.

I appreciate the support of the county commissioners and all the unions and the work of  Tom Utter, the executive director of Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation, who brought Riverview to Dale, and also our attorney, Bruce Cissna.

—Ray Striegel
Dale Town Council President

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