Ultra-low diesel fuel already available

To the Editor:

I am a retired over-the-road truck driver and in response to Dale Town Council President Ray Striegel’s claim (Herald letter — Dec. 21) that we need ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel to keep this nation moving, he must understand that ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel is not a new product.   

Beginning December 1, 2010, all on-highway diesel vehicles were required to begin using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.  And beginning December 1, 2014 all diesel non-highway, marine and locomotives were required to begin using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. 

As a truck driver, I cannot remember rolling into a truck stop to find they were out of fuel or had limits on the gallons you could purchase. This nation is already operating on ultra-low diesel fuel, so where is the benefit you write about?

From my perspective, the problem is the amount of pollution that will be created to get the ultra-low sulfur diesel from Riverview’s proposed refinery.  Considering this process requires very high temperatures and pressures, the close proximity to town could be disastrous in the event of a major malfunction.

I wonder what the American Lung Association has to say about the tons of carbon dioxide this proposed behemoth would belch out into the air?

—Richard C. Lamb

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