Trust God, your heart and your gut

To the editor:

My daddy always said, “Trust in God, trust your heart and trust your gut. These three beliefs will keep you on the right path.”

A man that I truly admired died last week — Charles Krauthammer.

Krauthammer was many things, a Pulitzer prize recipient, a speech writer and a contributor on TV panels. He was so very knowledgeable of today’s needs and problems. He had a good “down-to-earth,” common-sense approach, spoken from the mouth of a truly brilliant mind.

When I first started watching him on TV, I thought him stand-offish. His ram-rod posture, his pauses between sentences, I thought that it leaned toward arrogance. Yet, his words, his wisdom were always so on point addressing today’s conflicts.

Then, when his book, “Things That Matter,” was published I learned the true story of Krauthammer’s life. I felt lower than the lowest of beings. I had not a clue as to why he always sat ram-rod straight or the reason that he paused when he spoke. His life completely changed course irreversibly after severing his spinal cord in a swimming pool during medical school.

He was forever paralyzed from his neck down.

I had assumed his demeanor by what I saw and made my decisions so very wrongly.

With deep regrets, I share this with you — never judge another unless you know what they might be facing in their lives. And never assume that you know the real story.

Trust your heart, your gut and the great guy up above.

Reach out and care.

P.S. Gossip “ain’t good either.”

—Marlene Truesdale Greener

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