Trump has achieved more than recent presidents

To the editor:

In all my 85 years, I have never seen such disrespect for the office of our presidency. Our news media and television stations report only 30 percent of the accomplishments and 70 percent negativity on what the administration has achieved.

Let us not forget that he has accomplished more in two years than our past presidents have in 30 years with regard to employment, taxes, immigration, trade imbalance, jobs, stock market, negotiations with foreign governments such as China, Canada, Mexico, South America, Russia, France and the Middle East. He has scrapped the Iran deal and discontinued programs that supported European countries.

It is inconceivable how our news media talks about putting him down like CNN, MSNBC and now NBC rather than about what he has done. Since he is a businessman and not a politician, he will strike back which they do not like. Politicians in Washington don’t do their jobs and work only part time making big money and retire with a six-figure income with life insurance. They do nothing but bring obstruction rather than help people. This may not change.

The news does not report what happened in the Clinton and Obama administrations. Michele Obama’s book contains so many inaccuracies and untruths.

Things need to change in this world and the contaminated news cover must stop. People, our creator is not too happy with us with fires and floods in California and Florida. He is giving us a sign and we need to start caring about each other.

—Stanley A. Schnell

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