Trucks not allowed on Chestnut south of 64

From Local Sources

HUNTINGBURG — Semi trucks are not supposed to drive on the south leg of Chestnut Street between State Road 64 and U.S. 231 in the Southridge area.

But it’s happening, Street Superintendent Jason Stamm told the Huntingburg Board of Public Works and Safety Wednesday morning.

Despite signs stating trucks are not supposed to drive through the residential area, Stamm said, truckers are using it as a shortcut.

The Huntingburg Police Department is aware of it, Chief Art Parks said, and has been catching and stopping trucks on the road. Officers have noticed that most of the trucks are going north from the Southridge area to State Road 64, but they’ve seen some southbound, too.

“Every semi driver we stop says that their GPS takes them that route,” Parks said.

“That’s not an excuse,” City Attorney Phil Schneider said, stating that that section of Chestnut Street is not an official truck route. Trucks are allowed on Chestnut Street north of State Road 64, he said.

The board told Stamm to do what he can to make the signs more visible on Chestnut Street, which may include adding additional signs.

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