Truck’s cargo strikes drive-through canopy

From Local Sources

FERDINAND — Cargo in the bed of a truck hit a fast food restaurant’s drive-through canopy Tuesday.

Noel Rodriguez Enriquez, 29, Tampa, Florida, was in the Taco Bell drive-through in a 2019 Ford F-250 at the time of the 11:48 a.m. mishap at the 420 S. Main St. business, according to the Ferdinand Police Department.

Police said the Ford had a utility bed containing a large amount of construction tools and two metal pipes that were in an upright position. Those pipes came into contact with an overhead canopy directly above a speaker used for ordering, police said.

The accident resulted in minor damage.

Police said the truck’s occupants were unaware the pipes were in a vertical position and could cause an issue.

Ferdinand police said damage in such a situation is the responsibility of the driver of the moving vehicle.

“In the event of an incident of this type happening to you,” police said, “just remember that the driver of a vehicle is responsible for the operation of the vehicle and the placement of its cargo.

“Safety is ultimately the responsibility of the vehicle operator.”

No tickets were issued.

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