Trooper helps unconscious driver at car wash

From Local Sources

VINCENNES — An Indiana State Police trooper waiting to wash his patrol car at a Vincennes car wash Saturday night ultimately turned out to be in the right place at the right time.

The on-duty trooper noticed a driver in a nearby wash bay falling over while behind the wheel at 8 p.m. The trooper saw that the front-seat passenger would push the driver up only for him to fall over again.

The trooper approached the vehicle and noticed the 39-year-old Bicknell man was unconscious and appeared to not be breathing. The trooper requested an ambulance and then placed the male outside the vehicle on the ground.

Police say the trooper believed the driver was experiencing an overdose and requested an ambulance.

Vincennes police arrived and administered Narcan to the unconscious male.

The Knox County EMS crew who took the male to the hospital said the Narcan took effect while en route to Good Samaritan Hospital and the male regained consciousness.

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