Today's word is 'lugenpresse'

To the editor:

For local descendants of German immigrants, today’s word is lugenpresse.  In Germany, school children are repeatedly given lessons on the Nazi party and the holocaust, and on propaganda techniques which were used to turn Christians against Jews.  This is not a celebration. It resembles a generational penance and essential training to recognize what should be avoided, and on learning the potency of propaganda words and images. 

Critical to achieving dictatorship is, first, claiming that the free press is lying.  Lugenpresse.  Second, obtain control of information reaching the public, as The Donald’s paramour Kim enjoys and his other pal Putin is rapidly achieving.  Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels made sure that every home in Germany had a free radio so all Germans could hear party broadcasts and only music approved by the party.  Once the independent press is successfully labeled “enemy of the people,” they either stop publishing as public interest dwindles or are “helped” to stop with a bullet through the head.  Putin loves this one.  With radio, handbills, party newspapers, effective techniques and captive audience rallies, Goebbels dismantled a well educated democracy. 

Historically proven techniques include:  lying repeatedly — big lies again and again until they are believed, dehumanizing unfavored people into scapegoat groups, accusing enemies of one’s own wrongdoing, bullying, creating chaos, and using the emotion of anger.  Fear, anger and declaring shared victimhood have a direct affect on brain function in favor of accepting propaganda lies. 

After Hitler’s election, having experienced the Nazis words and images in action, a major Jewish newspaper tried to calm their readers. Don’t worry, we have a constitution and laws and courts.  They soon learned that a constitution is just a piece of paper.

For Americans today, good online places to learn about lugenpresse and Nazi style propaganda are from Americans at Stormfront and Daily Stormer.  Or at a rally featuring The Donald, where lessons on correct German pronunciation are shared among the faithful.  

To experience propaganda techniques, try any of 1,000 talk radio stations, plentiful radical right “newsysites,” Facebook, or the billionaire immigrant owned Fox “news.”  Manufacturing robotic believers American style — for profit. 

—David Dudine

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