Time to say, 'You're fired' to Trump

To the editor:

Donald Trump needs to be removed from office.

It is a disgrace to continue allowing Trump to represent our nation. He is inept, arrogant, lies constantly and lacks the emotional maturity needed for leadership.

Trump and his family are using his office to grab all the wealth they can rather than perform a public service in good faith. He is an employee of our government and bad employees should not get to keep their jobs.

Our nation needs to stop Trump from the destruction of the global economy, potential loss of our allies and the black eye the U.S.A. gets for his infantilism. It is best for all the world to remove him from office. Shame on all of us if we allow this megalomaniac to keep a job he is clearly unfit for.

The Republicans hold all the power for now, and any Republican worth a damn should stand up to help with his removal in our national interest.

The GOP will pay a price for removing him from office. The GOP will pay a higher price for keeping him in office. Let us unite and tell Trump, “You’re fired!”

—Matthew Dillon

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