Time is ripe to remove economic roadblocks

To the editor:

Congratulations, Dubois County! You opted for a conservative future with your 65 percent approval rating of Michael Braun. Now, let’s focus on the economy!

Sometime in the next two years, we are going to slip back into the depression of 2007/08. While all the metrics show a white-hot economy, our economic wellbeing is really shaky.

We have not addressed the root causes that shook our economy. The Fed has tried to solve our debt problem with more debt! Yet, the Fed is one of our major problems.

Since its inception, the Fed has lorded over a period of systematic instability. In the long run, it cannot provide the stability to provide a healthy economy.

Getting the Fed under control by peeling back part of its counterproductive mandates is a major problem we have. The Fed mandates from Congress require that the Fed foster an economy with stable prices and maximum sustainable employment. Congress needs to ditch the sustainable employment mandate and let the market tend to that, while focusing on price stability.

The unsustainable debt is our real problem with the Fed. Progressives try to slow down the security advancements and increasing prosperity Trump has brought to all Americans.

Instead of rolling back counterproductive mandates and getting a handle on debt by reducing the size of government by eliminating whole departments and cutting budgets, progressives delay and obstruct Trump and his agenda.

Senator-elect Mike Braun and the seven conservative congressmen in Indiana need to join forces with other conservative Republicans and Democrats to form a red wall which will stop the obstruction and will pass good policies to shore up the economy.

You have a civic obligation to support these conservative legislators.

—Michael Lewinski

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