Time for us to return to common decency

To the editor:

Inherent in the representative democracy that is our American heritage is a historical system of checks and balances, three branches with separate powers. The health and viability of our democracy requires having congressional representatives who are there to serve the people of their districts and to act as a watchdog on the executive branch in order to keep one individual from exerting too much power. This means senators represent all the people, not just the wealthy or those of one party, and most definitely, not the agenda of any president. We need people in Congress who are there to serve their constituents, who will work together for the common good by standing up against the growing tyranny, corruption and downright nastiness that infest Trump’s White House.

Most of us want clean air and water, safe food, decent neighborhoods and a living wage. We are concerned about others just as we are concerned with the natural world and all its creatures. We risk our lives to help others in need both here and all over the world, wishing peace and goodwill to all. We abhor bullies and swindlers and people who abuse power. We value kindness, respect, integrity, common decency and we are more concerned about the quality of our lives than we are about amassing great wealth. We thrive when we focus on these age-old values, but sadly, these are the very things “The  Trump Agenda” is rapidly destroying.

Clearly, it’s time to restore our common core of values and take back our government. While Joe Donnelly sometimes makes decisions I don’t agree with, he does take his role as public servant seriously. He works to represent all his constituents and displays a decent understanding of what representative democracy means. We need to oppose any advancement of Trump’s disastrous dictatorial agenda and begin a return to common decency and those things that make America truly great.

—Jeanne Melchior

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