This level of deception does not deserve our support

To the editor:

I was disappointed but not surprised after reading the article on June 26 in The Herald concerning the “admission” of a local County Council candidate that she has a felony conviction of record, making her (according to our County Clerk) ineligible to run for office.

If I may remind the readers, the charges, to which she pled guilty, included possession of narcotics, etc.  Both she and her local Democratic Party Chairman (who is both a politician and attorney) knew of the felony.  However, instead of being honest with the electorate, they withheld that information until such time as only a limited number of people could act upon it.  This is based on an old tenet that “it is better to ask for forgiveness then to seek permission.”

The point isn’t whether the candidate and her local leader felt that either the law was “unfair” or that they felt she would get “post-conviction relief.”  The point is that they KNEW she was not eligible under current Indiana statute at the time that she filed.  So, stealing a page from the Nancy Pelosi playbook, they decided to lie by omission and file anyway.

By delaying their announcement, it has denied many of us the right to challenge her candidacy, forcing it upon the shoulders of the other honest candidates or the Republican County Chair to force the issue.  In these insane times, attacking a female AND Latina candidate will only be interpreted as racist.

Therefore, if her candidacy is not challenged, I implore the voters to realize the deception involved in both her apparently illegal filing and delayed “confession”, and not support either this candidate or the Democratic Party Chairman (who is also running for office) in the fall election.  Any persons who will go to this length of deception and fraudulence do not deserve the support of the honest and hardworking people of Dubois County.

—Terry R. Brown, MD

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