This farm and land is our home, sweet home

To the editor:

"Home, sweet home" is what my grandma would sing when she came home. She barely left the farm but when she did, everytime she came home that would be sung.

My grandparents' home still stands. Our family takes care of it. My mom lives next door and my husband and I live just a piece up the road. All of our homes are on the farm that was my grandparents. A farm that housed all sorts of animals. Land that is still farmed. It is the only place my mom and I have ever lived. This farm has provided memories, life and love. Our family knows every tree to every rock. Our neighbors are our friends. We take care of each other.

This farm and this land is our home. There is no other place in the world that could ever be home to us. Now they want to take our home to put in asphalt and concrete. For what? So people can drive through Indiana? 

We just filled out a Census to see how many people live in our state so we can get more money for schools and what we need. What is going to happen when they put in another road? People are going to leave.

Dubois County is building better schools. For what? People will not be here. Who wants to live next to a road that has destroyed so many people's past, present and future. A road causing more pollution and noise and that will destroy the environment.

You want Indiana to be a home for people, not a drive-through. They already built I-69 and now this. What is next?

People tell me, "why fight, it is a done deal." I just can't sit back and do nothing.

This farm and this land is our home, sweet home. Home, sweet home.

—Charlene M. Rasche

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