Think long and hard before the election

To the editor:

I’m sure some of us are bewildered by our news media and our contaminated Congress. Much of the news is incorrect and plays on all the bad things and does not expand on good happenings. The coverage of the political situation is outlandish and many times curved and distorted.

True, Trump says things sometimes that would be better unsaid but maybe he is trying to get us to think. He has some pretty tough items to address such as trade imbalance (China), the Obama-Iran giveaway and immigration, which our previous presidents did not address. However, lest we not forget he is a businessman and not a politician. We also have a businessman from Dubois County with some common sense representing us in Washington.

Nancy Pelosi makes $223,500 per year and Congressmen make $200,00 per year with medical insurance, retirement and subsidies and work 124 days per year while an American worker works 240 days per year. After 5 years, they become eligible to receive subsidies of $10,000 or more for health insurance and other benefits and this puts them in the top 3% of Americans for income.

We will soon be voting and need to think long and hard who will support their constituents. Are they doing a good job?Remember the Socialist candidates are proposing some ridiciulous propsals like free medical, free college and many other things they want to make the taxpayer pay for.

—Stanley A. Schnell

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