Letter: I will continue my candidacy for county council

To the editor:

An anonymous source has presented the question to The Herald of my eligibility to run as a county council candidate. I have considered all public questions presented and they are valid and fair.

On November 20, 2017, an unsourced report was made of marijuana being sold from my home, a charge dropped later as baseless. Previous to this date, I had no encounters with Huntingburg police.

Before the search began, my fiancé, who was present, was asked to leave as his name was not on the lease. The narcotic possessions were for prescription medications prescribed to my fiancé for his inherited genetic disease, Spinocerebellar Ataxia 1. Because my fiancé was not on the lease, these prescriptions were legally in my possession. His entire medical history was turned over to prosecution, but the guilt was by association. I had to decide between a trial, which could result in jail, or a plea agreement to retain my freedom. Once convicted after losing a trial, an appeal is lengthy so I decided I would much rather lose tiny freedoms than missing years with my fiancé, my stepdaughter, and my family.

There was no violation of the law when I chose to run for council. Indiana Code Title 5. State and Local Administration § 5-8-1-38 is not criminal law and allows for a remedy of election if there is dispute, so I will continue my candidacy.

I choose to challenge this code as it is a means to change the law. Criminal justice reform is well overdue in this country, and I am willing to fight for the millions of Hoosiers affected by this arbitrary and capricious law. I did not intend to hide my criminal record, as this experience has challenged my true potential and made me a stronger and wiser person. An expungement of these charges only hides it on record, it does not erase the incident.

I will continue to focus on the issues that affect Dubois County — the Mid-States Corridor, criminal justice, economic inequity and affordable housing. I have heard from Dubois County voters and they all deserve equal representation in county government.

—Mikayla Granados, Jasper
Candidate for Dubois County Council At-Large

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