There has been a political realignment

To the editor:

Steve Schmidt is a strategist who spent 29 years working on Republican campaigns and rose to the highest levels including campaigns of John McCain and George W. Bush. His conservative credentials dwarf those of anyone in Dubois or surrounding counties, and of nearly every Republican in Indiana, including local wags like myself (a wag, not a Republican) who write opinions.

Schmidt and millions more quit the Republican party when it became clear the party had changed fundamentally and irrevocably. The modern Republican party is, ironically, at its core Republican In Name Only.

There has been a political realignment in the past decade. There are two new sides which will remain the opposing forces for many election cycles to come. Schmidt explained last December, “The competition in American politics is now between a democratic party, meaning a party that believes in democracy versus an autocratic party ... When you see [so] many Republicans breaking faith with their oath to overturn an election because they don’t like the result, we are off the reservation ... We are one election away from losing the country to people who do not believe in democracy ... Democracy is fueled by the faith and belief by the people in the legitimacy of the system. Our system requires that both sides in the competition of ideas to be willing to lose and election, and if you have one side that is no longer willing to lose an election and won’t represent the popular will of the American people, then what you have on American soil is an autocratic political party.”

The democratic side currently includes Mitt Romney, Cindy McCain and President Biden. The autocratic side includes most Republican members of Congress, hundreds of loyalist Republican state legislators, the power centers of the Republican party and “The paid liars and propagandists of Trump’s autocratic movement. They poisoned faith and belief in democracy and incited insurrection with their lying," as described by Schmidt.

If you doubt the profitability in crippling a nation’s rational mind, see the net worths of Hannity, Limbaugh, Carlson, O’Reilly, Levin, Ailes and Murdoch. Uncontrolled, their destructive legacy proliferates.

—David Dudine

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