There are 50 million reasons that abortion needs more focus

To the editor:

Dan Mundy wrote in a letter on Oct. 2, 2013, “By focusing on the unborn, the church has forgotten the living. Ever wonder why the parking lots are looking empty on Sundays?”

As a Christian, I struggled with Dan’s choice of words because it implied that an unborn child is not living. Since Dan is a fellow Christian, I believe he meant to write, “By focusing on those living inside the womb (i.e., unborn), the church has forgotten those living outside of the womb.”

Since 1973, 50 million U.S. women have made the mistake of putting their faith in the flesh (pro choice) versus putting their faith in Jesus Christ (pro life). I can give you 50 million reasons why the Catholic Church should be placing even more focus toward protecting God’s unborn children. Is it possible that our “parking lots are looking empty on Sundays” because we didn’t allow 50 million souls to be born?

Christians must recognize and accept that all life is sacred from conception until natural death. This means we don’t get to choose between protecting those living inside the womb and those living outside the womb. We are called to protect both.

—Rob Hamilton

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