The world runs on diesel fuel

To the editor:

Regarding “if,” “when” and “where” the proposed coal-to-diesel plant is constructed, I recall a recently published comment indicating that diesel fuel is soon to become a thing of the past. I find that to be quite false!

Anyone traveling interstates and passing hundreds of farms and construction sites will see that there are thousands upon thousands of semis, farm equipment, construction equipment, and so forth, that rely upon diesel fuel. It would cost millions of dollars and years and years to convert this equipment to another fuel!

Being a concerned citizen, I also am curious if any of the opposing organizations or individual citizens have traveled to China or Russia to observe their facilities and make comparisons as to their age and to the modern technology to be incorporated into the proposed plant. Do those countries convert all their by-products into safe, usable products?

There is a “first time” for everything, so let’s be positive!

—Malee Burress

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