The Lofts cooking brings another run

From Local Sources

JASPER — Members of the Jasper Volunteer Fire Department responded to a second-floor smoke detector activation Wednesday evening at The Lofts of Jasper, 1300 Dewey Street.

Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang said the 6:06 p.m. run involved a toasted cheese sandwich left on a stove until it blackened and smoked. There was no fire.

It was the third time other residents had to evacuate the complex because the woman in the second-floor apartment had left food cooking on the stove, Hochgesang said.

“All the residents were outside with their children and families waiting to re-enter,” the chief said. “We had to get the alarm reset to they could come back in.”

The smoke dissipated and there was no damage.

Three trucks and 18 firefighters were on the scene 25 minutes.

The department also logged a short run Tuesday evening in which there was no damage.

An alarm activation at 6:47 p.m. sent firefighters to the Ryan and Blayr Kramer residence at 533 University Drive.

Hochgesang said one truck and 14 firefighters responded after it was reported the run involved a faulty smoke detector.

Firefighters who ensured there was no other problem were on the scene 10 minutes.

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